Diabetes and Travel: Getting Ready

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It is not at the last moment that one has to worry about the conditions of his trip.

Depending on the type of diabetes (type 1, type 2, gestational...) certain precautions must be taken to ensure that his stay is successful.

Some tips, but also the discovery of the Diab'voyage mobile app:

Before embarking, the diabetic must prepare himself and first, if he has not already done so, ask his doctor.

The diabetologist, the referral doctor, the dietician... are here to guide you according to your destination.

Of course, they will not make a travel agency but will inform you about the precautions to take.

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What do you take in your suitcase?

First, think that if you leave your suitcase in the hold or in a place you can't quickly access... everything you put in it won't be readily available (and risk of loss or theft).

It is therefore important to keep on yourself prescription, Insulins, Glucagon, sensors,... the necessary for your stay and only put in the suitcase “reserves”.

Think also, if you want to be safe and if pharmacies do not grow like mushrooms where you find yourself bringing a 2nd blood glucose meter.

If you're under a pump... a second pump can be useful... in any case for my daughter DID I always bring one more and it's free.

Complete of course with emergency pens...

If you are using freestyle Libre or any other sensor, plan ahead of time because scarcity in pharmacies can be a problem for you if you have a disability.

In any case, plan a hair sensor.

What formalities at the airport, at boarding, at customs...?

Of course, the prescriptions and documents that justify you transporting your treatment... and being diabetic.

Without this, the customs officer will be able to zealously see you banned from Flight.

If you carry an Insulin pump, you will have to expect a normal search if you do not remove it and in some cases you can be directed towards a special access (the one provided for passengers with Pacemaker)... so get a little ahead!

Do not forget...

What to sweeten yourself if you're treated with insulin, your little book of carbohydrates or your mobile app...

What precautions at the place of holiday?


The important thing is to have reasonable hygiene and pay attention to everything that can promote infections.

Since feet are one of the areas most at risk for diabetics (I wouldn't dwell on the subject because specialist sites will explain it better), it is important to keep them protected... the photo above is therefore an illustration of what to avoid!

What precautions at the Restaurant

In some countries, food can lead to gastric problems, allergies,... often linked to unsafe water...

It is therefore necessary to be vigilant to eat, but also to recognise food.


Language can be an obstacle when asking what's in a dish... so eat what you know and pay attention to tempting buffets...

What precautions in bivouac or camping?


First, be able to keep insulin and glucagon “cool” and as with transport, plan what is needed for the duration of stay and take prescriptions.

If it is for a short time, prepare your dishes in advance, it will make less hassle to calculate its doses...

If you make your own koh Lanta and you are insulin dependent, it is imperative to always have something to sweeten oneself and the adventurers will be able to find out what carbohydrates they can find and taste through wild fruits and vegetables.

Of course this article is not enough... take time to visit specialized sites and discover the brand new Diab'Voyage app

DiabVoyage® is a mobile application that aims to accompany patients with diabetes who wish to travel.

This project saw the jpur thanks to Delphine Arduini, Founder of the World Diabetes Tour Association, Professor Renard of Montpellier and Dr. Clara Bouché of the Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, a dietician and the AJD for the child part.

Learn more about the app and download it

We also recommend this article:

and for children, go to the AJD website:

and for type 1 diabetic adventurers, follow Florian who has embarked on a world tour and provides many tips:

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  1. denis trudel du quebec canada

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    6 juillet 2018 at 19 h 35 min

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    4 juillet 2019 at 9 h 42 min

    Des information utiles et pour ne pas avoir de surprises.
    J’ai une fille diabétique Tête en l’air, donc une Check list avant de partir est nécessaire.

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